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We made it to NY! The drive, including dinner and only one pee stop, took 8.5. The kids were very good, in part due to a portable DVD player someone lent us and a couple Mr. Bean videos. 

The kids, of course, had no idea what to expect, and every hick town we encountered, they asked, “Is this New York?” When we finally did reach New Jersey, only Maya was awake. We actually got lost at one point trying to find the exit for the Lincoln Tunnel and ended up driving through a slightly skuzzy part of New Jersey, and Maya asked, clearly trying to be cool about it, “Is New York all like this too?” Needless to say, she was much more impressed once we arrived.

I am very excited about showing them New York. It is unlike anything they have ever experienced. A cool bonus is that the kids’ (Maya and Asher, anyway) favourite book series is the Lightening Thief, by Rick Riordan. There are three in the series now, and we eagerly await two more. I read these out loud to the kids and love them as much as they do.

In the first one book, we meet Percy, who is 12 years old. He bounces from school to school because he keeps getting in trouble, is dyslexic and has ADD. He soon finds out that he is a demi-god – a product of a human and Greek god. Olympus exists, on the mythical 600th floor of the Empire State Building. The ADD is because he’s wired to be a hero and the dyslexia is because he’s meant to read Greek.

Okay, it sounds kind of weird, but it really well done. Riordan weaves in all kinds of Greek myths and updates them seamlessly as well. And he has a great sense of humour too. It is a bonus that the hero has ADD like Asher does and yet is smart and funny, and also has difficulty in school – more, in fact, because of the monsters.

Anyway, New York City is Percy’s home town, so the kids have read all about it. The gargoyles can come to life in the book and if you look, there are gargoyles on buildings all over the city. There are constellations painted on the roof of Grand Central Station, so we’ll have to show them that.

And, of course, there’s the Statue of Liberty, the American Girl doll store (sigh), the Science Museum, Central Park, Times Square…


And the Daily Show. Let’s not forget that. I cannot wait.


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Thirteen Things about just making it up.

I just realized I’ve missed a ton of Thursday Thirteens. Oops.

Thursday Thirteen that suck about having ADD:

  1. Where did I leave my keys?
  2. I don’t remember where my wallet is.
  3. Overdue book fines.
  4. To do lists only work when you can find them.
  5. The grocery lists rarely make it to the grocery store.
  6. What did I come downstairs for?
  7. “Why did you leave the dishes out?” “Sorry, I got distracted.”
  8. “Why is this laundry basket in the middle of the floor?” “Sorry, I got distracted.”
  9. “Did you finish putting the groceries away?” “Sorry, I got distracted.”
  10. Never getting out of the house on the first try.
  11. Everyone thinks you are dopy.
  12. It can be hereditary and then you can’t help him as much as you should because you forget as much as he does.
  13. Forgetting to charge your cellphone so that when you can’t find it, you can’t phone it to find it by the ring.

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Ha! Not! as my children like to say. It got lovely and warm last week for a few days. It smelled all springy. Every time I walked the dog, great swaths of grass on people’s lawns had been revealed.

Then, my cleaning lady/hand-me-down nanny/wife/saviour told me that the weather was supposed to get cold again this week, and snow, and ruined all my fun. At least, I think that is what she was trying to tell me. My fingers were in my ears and I was saying, “LALALALA” so I can’t be sure. Didn’t help, though. Everything is covered up with snow once again and I had to put away my shoes and break out the big boots.

The only good thing about the latest snowstorm is that Jasper loves bounding in the snow on people’s lawns. I stand in the middle on the road with his leash run all the way out and he leaps and bounds and charges back and forth on the snow, pausing to smush his face all the way into the snow and hold it there for many seconds before bursting out and galloping off. We were quite the sight. All the other dog owners would walk staidly by and their dogs would stare at mine in amazement as he threw himself around in completely puppy joy. I don’t know what we’ll find in summer to replace that.

He’s gone from a dog who hated to go for walks to one who loves them. He also hasn’t peed on the floor in a week. He did, however, liberate a big hunk of cheese I was cutting up for an omelet from the counter. I had lots more cheese, so I mostly thought it was funny.


Yesterday around 1 pm, I got a phone call from the school. It was Maya, reminding me that there was early dismissal and parent/teacher interviews at 3. She has absolutely no faith in me to remember anything, and despite the office staff assuring her I’d remember, as report cards just came home on Friday, she insisted on calling.

It can be very annoying, that she reminds me every Friday when they get out of school (it changes depending on the time of year, because Friday night is when shabbat starts, at sundown), and reminds of when to pick her up from camp, or when she has some event at school. But I can’t really get angry at her because – and those of you who know me well could see this coming a mile away – I’d forgotten completely about the interviews and early dismissal. Thank goodness she called.

I didn’t bother with Maya’s teachers, as she’s fine, but did the rounds of Asher’s. He has problems with handwriting and reading – he could do the latter, he just refused to, but he’s much improved. He also has mild ADD. It is hard for me to write that, because I feel like I’m labelling him.  I tried just saying he has problems concentrating and with organization, but people aren’t stupid and would say things like, “Oh, my nephew has ADD too.” He’s not hyperactive at all and he’s also has no behaviour problems, which is sort of how I normally imagine kids when you say ADD. He’s just very, very easily distracted and forgetful and disorganized. He’s exactly like me.

His handwriting and reading are coming along beautifully, but his teachers have his desk up right beside theirs so they can keep him ‘on task’ as opposed to staring out the window.

After the interviews, I was driving Asher to his tutor and told him his teachers love him (which they do – his Hebrew teacher said at times he’ll come up to her and say, “I’m sorry, but you know I have trouble concentrating and I wasn’t paying attention when you told us which page to work on. Can you just tell me again?” She wishes all the kids with concentration difficulties were so self-aware), but of course we need to work on his organization so he doesn’t forget so much stuff.

He said, “There’s no point. It isn’t going to get better.” I said, “Of course it will! As you get older, you’ll get better at figuring out how to remember things.” He said, “Like you and the parent-teacher interviews?” Ouch. He had me there. So I told him that when I was a kid, no one knew exactly how to help me, but teachers know more nowadays and can help him more. He wasn’t buying it. As we arrived at the tutor, I told her that he’d gotten his report card, then said, “Oh darn! I meant to bring it for you!” and smart mouth said quietly, as he went into the kitchen, “Never gets better ….”

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