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Finally, the promised pictures from our first beach visit of the summer. The kids have never swum so early.

Jasper loved the water, but refused to actually go so deep that his feet left the ground. I missed the photos of him at his wettest. He looked like those games little kids have, where you can mix and match the tops and bottoms of people. He was two entirely different dogs from top of his legs up and the top of his legs down.

Here’s one of Asher trying to convince Jasper to go deeper by throwing sticks he was chewing on. Jasper isn’t into fetching at the best of times, and his response was usually one of: Hey, look where my stick is. Huh. Occasionally he went after it, but once he realized it was over his head, he bailed.


This is the best half-wet/half-dry shot I have of Jasper, with his skinny legs.


Here’s a happy dog, digging a big hole in the sand:


I saved this for the last beach shot because it appears to me to be an idyllic scene – a boy and his dog, hunting tadpoles:


Here’s another idyllic shot. I created a large treasure hunt, which I love to do (with clues like ‘This clue is in the male cow’s eye” or “hurry before this clue is wiped away” or “This clue stinks” (bulls-eye on the dart board, windshield wiper on the car, in the garbage)). I lead them from the beach to the house, all around the house and then out to the back tree house J made with his brother. This is them puzzling out the last clue, which led them to a box buried by leaves behind a dead tree and filled with chocolate gold coins. (“North, south, east, west/ Look at all you see/ It isn’t X that marks the spot/ But rather a dead tree.”) By happy coincidence, when they split up to examine all the dead trees visible from the tree house, Maya got the one with the treasure, a birthday bonus.


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