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Apparently, I was remiss in my description of certain details. Okay, Jon Stewart looked exactly the same in person as on the tube. You know how people sometimes say that celebrities look smaller in person? Well, Jon never struck me as particularly tall, and he isn’t. He really was just the same. The other two as well. Exactly the same as you’d expect.

He behaves pretty much the same too. He’s friendly, has a sense of humor, good at ad-libbing. He didn’t arrive on the set like a prima donna and order people around, for example. He was professional and while he didn’t spent a lot of time with us, he did chat with us for a while beforehand and did come out after to thank us. He seemed genuinely appreciative.

It was weird seeing him talk straight to the camera as though he were talking to the audience. We were supposed to respond as though he was talking to us (at the beginning of the show, he started with, “So, how you feeling? How are the kids?”). And his reactions were, of course, also straight to the camera. It made me more aware of how much of a performance it is of his. I mean, of course it is a performance. It is just weirder to see in person.

And, watching the show on TV afterwards, I realized that it is actually easier to engage with what is going on sitting in front of the tube in your living room than being on the audience. We missed some of what he said, had to peer around cameras, etc. Which didn’t make it any less cool, of course, but I wouldn’t want to see the show that way every day.

Oh, and I appeared on the show, for the merest nanosecond! After Jon introduces the guest, the camera cuts to him coming out and you can see a few peopleĀ  in the audience right at the edge. Pause exactly at that moment and there I am! Our friend here has a crappy TV, so I don’t know how clear it could be, but on this TV I am a red blob to the very left of the screen, second row. If it is any clearer on other TVs, then I have actual proof of being there. How exciting.

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