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The W*bk*nz people are back. Go away, W*bk*nz people. How many letters do I have to take out of that name before they stop finding me, looking for those stupid, non-existent cheat codes?

I’ve been negligent here, I know. It all has to do with taking my few computer moments to try to write something I’ll actually get paid for, the second installment of my series on conversion. This one is supposed to be why people convert. I have about 750 words to discuss this topic in and I need about 4000. And so it slowly goes.*

We also welcomed friends home from China on Friday, with their new baby girl, T. The kids and I and a couple other friends and decorated their house before they returned. We had a blast. We got flowers and helium balloons, regular balloons, streamers, posters. The kids had so much fun covering every inch of the place. We put little duckie stickers in the bathtub, even.

We then joined a group of about 15 people waiting at the airport, holding up “Welcome Home” signs Boo coloured and a huge butterfly balloon. I forgot my camera and was kicking myself until I realized there were at least 4 other cameras present.

I feel privileged to have been part of the welcoming party and been among the first in Canada to meet little T. She was snuggled up to her Dad in a carrier and peaked shyly out at the huge crowd. I expected tears at all the fuss, but she just calmly checked us all out. We brought some of their stuff home (as an excuse for my kids to see their reaction to the decorated house) and were rewarded with some little smiles from T as she saw the other balloons tied up everywhere. She also reached out from Daddy’s lap to grab Boo’s hand.

We also got a small taste of the sort of nonsense they are going to face as a multi-ethnic family. As we prepared for the airport, a repairman arrived to fix our screen door. He spotted the decorations we were preparing and asked my son if someone was having a birthday party. Asher said no, that our friends were coming home from China today, and we were going to the airport to meet them and their new baby.

“Oooh,” the guy said, jovially. “Are you going to have chop suey there?”

What kind of dumb ass thing is that to say? Fortunately, Asher put him in his place, staring at him in confusion for a moment, then saying slowly, “No. It’s an airport. I don’t see why there’d be Chinese food there.” Then he left, rolling his eyes in the universal sign for “what an idiot” as he did so.


* Yes, I know I split the infinitive. I felt like it.


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When I found out I was pregnant with Maya, I was thrilled and very terrified. With Asher, I was happy, but it was mixed with the awareness of the awfulness of the next nine months. With Boo, it was utter shock (a maybe a wee bit of horror) for about 2 weeks.

I can only think of two baby announcements that have filled me with pure, unadulterated joy. The first was about 3 years ago, when a very good family friend told us that she was 12 weeks pregnant, after 10 years of infertility and her third and last try at in-vitro.  Her boy is 2.5 years old now, and he still seems like a miracle.

The second was tonight, when very good friends phoned to tell us they finally, finally got their referal for their daughter from China. It has been years they’ve been waiting and given that the waiting has been driving me nuts, I can only imagine how difficult this was for them. But the end is in sight! Their baby is 7 months old and they are going to bring her home in August, and I’m so excited for them. Even the kids got how great this is, jumping around and yelling, “Yeah, we get to meet the baby soon!”

I love it that we still have a few friends having babies. I don’t want any more myself, but I am so looking forward to holding theirs. I can’t wait to meet her.

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