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I’m sorry I abandoned you, internet. I had a good reason, though, or seven. One, it was Rosh Hoshanah, which means the kids were home and there was kugel to be made. Then I got sick and spent the actual two days of Rosh Hoshanah sleeping between throwing up. I didn’t even get one picture of my adorable children all dressed up in their High Holiday finery, which kind of kills me, because they were so cute.

Also, there was the show Six Feet Under, which I have never seen. I impulsively rented the first disc of the first season. I played it on the laptop, allowing me to watch it while convalescing, or making kugel, or singing lullabyes (using earphones and my remarkable skill to sing “Hush Little Baby” without engaging my brain in the process at all, so I can read or watch a DVD at the same time). I’m almost finished season two now.

And then, there was the soapstone. In the summer, a family friend brought little bits of soapstone left over from her high school art class to let the kids play at shaping. They loved it, and so did I. Before I had kids, I used to carve soapstone as a hobby, but haven’t done so for years. But the bug re-bit me, so a few days ago, we found a local placed that provides small blocks and bought one. J cut it into smaller pieces so every one had one and we all sat at the kitchen table and carved and filed. Even J got into the act.

Maya is making a loon.


Asher started out with a seal, but it wasn’t going right and a little examination made it clear that a bird was emerging from his rock, so that is what it now is.


Boo wants a whale, which I am carving with her help (she files for a bit when she gets the urge). J is making a dolphin. Everyone is now at the sanding stage except for me, because I have to keep stopping to help the others, as the resident ‘expert’ (ie, the only one with a clue as to what to do next).

We are having so much fun. We’ve spent hours at the table, the whole family, carving and talking. Boo collects and plays with the powder created from filing and gives opinions as to how the carvings are going.


I would have never imagined this as a family activity, but we all like it so much it is hard to tear ourselves away.


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