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Thirteen Things about just making it up

WordPress hates me and ate my post again, this time the 13 good things about not having air conditioning*, which I wrote to make me feel better as the sweat trickles down … well, you know.

1. My feet never get cold.
2. I never miss the smell of fresh air.
3. I get to sleep in the warm air with the fan blowing on me, which I love, without J complaining that it is inefficient to open the windows at night and let out all the canned air, as I do when our air conditioning works.”
4. I’m saving money.
5. I can feel virtuous about using less energy as well.
6. I have an excuse not to cook, as it will heat up the kitchen too much.
7. When it gets really hot, I can use it as an excuse not to do any housework at all.
8. It is also a good excuse for ice cream. (Like I need an excuse!)
9. The kids have no reason to hide out inside and so they go out and play in the little backyard pool instead.
10. When it gets really bad, I have to take them to the water park, where I cannot work and am forced to just read a book instead.
11. It’s good for getting sympathy from friends.
12. Sometimes that sympathy translates into invitations to their house and occasionally, a pool is involved (although that has yet to happen this year).
13. The last time I wrote this out, I had 13 things. Stupid WordPress. When I remember what the last one was, I’ll stick it in here, I swear.

It did it again! It ate the whole thing! But this time, I was smart and I copied it first! Ha! Take that, Worpress!
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It wasn’t as humid yesterday, and is even better today, and I could even breath properly most of the time, but it is still a little too hot for my liking. Lots of sweating.

Poor Jasper is suffering way worse than me, though, with that big fur coat. I got ready to pick up the kids from school the other day and prepared to bring him along as I always do when they are all at school (Boo is only their full days for two days). He was all excited and waited at the door wagging his tail. I put the leash on him, opened the door, went out and waited for him to follow and he stopped dead at the doorway. I’m so glad I made the appointment last week to get him buzzed, even if he will look like a doggy dork. He’ll be more comfortable. (Yes, of course I’ll post pictures.)

So soon, no more hot dog. He’s at the groomers right now.

He was not impressed that I was leaving him there, even though there were two nice people patting him and telling him how lovely he is, and started to cry as I left. I swear, I felt almost as badly as I did when I first left my kids at daycare.


Way back in the beginning of this blog, in the bloggy stone age, I wrote about chronic pain and painkillers. I explained why I took them and how the addiction scenario portrayed in the TV show House is unrealistic. I was all pro-drugs. Now I’ve decided I have to quit taking them. And it is going to suck.

My biggest problem is that my body gets used to the amount of meds I’m taking pretty quickly (and it seems to be speeding up as time passes), which means I have to take more and more for any effect. That is annoying – I imagine myself having to swallow 20 pills per dose someday, which is stupid.

Also stupid is that as my body becomes more used to the drugs, the more I experience withdrawal symptoms if I don’t take the pills. Withdrawal doesn’t automatically equal addiction, by the way. Plenty of drugs produce dependence, like all anti-depressants, and the fact that your body gets used to them and then feels badly when they are removed is very common. That’s all well and good, but what it comes down to is the same thing – I have to take the pills or I start feeling like crap, crap that has nothing to do with the FMS. I don’t like being tied down that way and that, plus the lessening efficacy, means it is time to toss them.

Easier said than done, unfortunately. It’s going to hurt. You know all those bad 70’s cop shows when the junkie is picked up all sweaty and shaking and promised to spill everything he knows for a fix, because he’s ‘hurting bad’? It’s pretty accurate. It does hurt and sweating and chills can be involved, if you go cold turkey. I do not plan to go cold turkey, but it is still going to hurt.

Fortunately, J is very supportive, because I am about to become even less useful than I already am, and that’s pretty darn useless.

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I took poor hot Jasper out for a walk this morning. He thought that was a good idea, until we hit the wall of humidity outside. (Our air conditioner is not working, but it is still a lot cooler inside than out.) We made it to the bottom of the driveway and he stopped. I convinced him to move forward about four more steps, then he sat down. I waited. Then he lay down on the street and put his head on his paws, making it clear that he didn’t care what I thought, he wasn’t moving.

I dropped the leash and headed off down the road. I needed to get the mail and I was going with or without him. It was my bet that he’d panic, just like a small child, when I made it a certain distance away from him and clearly wasn’t returning, but he might have just called my bluff and just gone back to the house to wait for me. I took the chance. Sure enough, about 4 houses away I heard the pitter patter of big feet coming up behind me.

The nice thing about pulling this move on a dog is that he didn’t throw a tantrum afterwards and yell, “You left me!”

Despite how much I love his fluffy stuffed-animal look, I’ve made an appointment for Thursday to get him shorn. He’s just too hot, poor bugger, wearing that big fur coat.

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