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Okay, having complained about Ontario politics, I am now going to complain about Ottawa politics, which is not something I often do. I’m branching out.

But here’s what makes me nuts: Larry O’Brien, who is the current mayor, ran last election on the platform of being the successful CEO of Calian Technologies and having nothing to do with politics previously. He also said he’d freeze taxes which, if you had only half a brain, was obviously impossible.

His primary opponent was a nice guy named Alex Munter, who had been in politics forever, is young and energetic and refused to make a similar ridiculous promise. He deserved to win, but he didn’t.

Voters should have gone running on the fact alone that O’Brien looks just like Mr. Clean, but they were sucked in. Lots of people really liked the idea that he would freeze their taxes, not thinking ahead to the services they rather like from the city, like garbage pick-up and drivable roads. They also liked that he had no political experience. This latter one drives me nuts. I see the same thing happening with Hilary Clinton now. People actually consider experience in their chosen fields to be a bad thing. They are now tainted, apparently.

Translate this to any other field and you’ll see how ridiculous this is. Let’s say you need to hire an accountant and you have two options – a guy who has 10 years experience in accounting and a guy who has none, but was great at fund-raising, would love to give accounting a try and he’s sure he has ‘fresh’ ideas. Who should you hire? Let’s go for the guy who knows nothing! That’ll be a fun experiment.

This experiment, electing Larry O’Brien, hasn’t been working out so well. To many people’s surprise, he’s trying to run the city like he ran his company, which means he wants all the power and all the say and everyone else just says, “Yes sir.”

But the best part is that he’s just admitted that he actually has to raise taxes to keep the city running. The only people who are shocked by this are the idiots who voted for him. They are feeling all betrayed now, but they should actually be kicking their own butts for being so stupid as to have believed this was possible. I suspect Larry actually thought he could pull it off, but since he’d never been in politics, he had no idea what he was talking about. Huh, turns out it is helpful to have experience. Go figure.


Coming up in our next installment, I talk about how my dog Jasper avoided having all his hair buzzed off. You just never know what you are going to get at chez just making it up.

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