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Thirteen Things about just making it upJ and I are headed off this weekend to New York. It is his parent’s 40th birthday present to him. I’m just along for the ride, because how much fun would it be for him if I weren’t there? (Don’t answer that!) So here are Thirteen Things I Like About My Husband.1. He’s very funny and keeps me laughing, but of course I cannot think of a single example of his marvelous humour right now.

2. He does the dishes every night and doesn’t complain. Much.

3. He lets me sleep in.

4. Before we had kids, he agreed that there was no logical reason they should automatically have his last name (I kept mine) and now the girls have my last name and the boy has his.

5. When we have people over for dinner, he does most (or all) of the clean-up, knowing that the preparation has me wiped out. I sit, he jumps about and the female guests sigh with envy.

6. Even though he swore he’d never have a cat again after mine peed in all his shoes one night (we found her a new, kidless home) when Maya was a toddler, he agreed to getting them again a few years ago, because pets are good for kids.

7. He then went on to acquire a dog as well, because he thought his son would benefit, so now he’s a guy who grew up in a no-pet house living in a house full of pets and coping pretty well.

8. He stands up to his mother for me when she is acting crazy.

9. He has never complained once about my weight gain and is always fully supportive of my attempts to lose.

10. He always encourages me to push myself beyond where I believe (and many others believe) I can go, like hiking down the Grand Canyon.

11. He supports my little environmental ‘whims’ like composting and installing my clothesline each year, even though he thinks it is all hooey.

12. He knows how to buy gifts a girl truly loves. He bought me a web cam in those early computer years after Maya was born so I could show her off to distant relatives. He bought me a Palm Pilot, and managed to get it on open-box sale so it was even cheaper. (I love saving money) and he took me to Israel for my 40th (okay, so some of those are gifts only ones this girl would love, but isn’t that what counts?)

13. He loves me.

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