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Busy, busy

I got a letter from Maya today, informing me that she loves camp and has lots of friends. Phew. That’s a relief.

I have also put the other two in day camp starting today. Boo is in Drama camp and is playing the part of Tiger Lily in Peter Pan. I have no idea who Tiger Lily is. Must go brush up on Peter Pan. They are happy too.

So now, here’s the plan: finish the damn book chapters I’ve been working on and declutter the house. My house is a disaster. My lovely cleaning lady/mother’s helper/marriage saver comes several days and cleans, folds laundry and picks up. But her method of dealing with the clutter is to just stack it randomly, or pile it into bags. Not a problem for a long time, as I just went through them and put things away as I had the energy, but when I got sick in January, my half of the system went to hell. Since then, I’ll get some energy to do some decluttering, but soon be overwhelmed again.

My mother, who has always had more energy than I do, came over this morning, and we rampaged through the kids’ rooms. She’s promised to keep coming back until it is done. I’m tempted to just throw everything out, but I realize that isn’t realistic.


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