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My throat hurts. A lot – the kind of hurt where you scrunch your eyes up and brace yourself just to swallow. It’s been kind of sore for a couple of days, but then I just woke up to this – whamo. To go with it, I am exhausted and ache. My first functional act of the day was to pick up the kids at school. At 3:45 pm.

Wait, there was one more functional act before that – I called my doctor’s office’s after-hours clinic and made an appointment for 6 pm.

After I picked up the kids, I was driving home. I drive along a street towards the enterance to the highway. The entrance was coming up, so I put on my indicator to move over into the right lane on this very not-busy street, and slowed down a bit to pull in after the car I was beside. I wasn’t obnoxious and didn’t try to pull in ahead of the car. I also put my indicator on in plenty of time, but as I had dropped back behind the car enough to pull in, the car behind it started to speed up. The big asshole in the car behind decided that for no good reason at all, he wasn’t going to let me merge, despite my polite and correct way of doing so. He just zoomed up and blocked the space, forcing me to either miss the highway entrance or slow down radically to get behind him, thereby endagering the people behind me who would not be expecting me to to suddenly slow down so much.

I did slow down more, but first, I leaned on the horn, and merged in such a way that maybe, for a moment, the big dork in the car next to me might wonder if I was just going to drive right into him instead. I didn’t, of course. I slid in right behind him, in order to make my exit. But what I wanted to do, despite my incredibly sore throat (or, perhaps, because of it), was drive right up his inconsiderate ass and tail him to wherever he was going, so I could then tell him in person what a huge moron he is.

I now get how road rage works.

Fortunately for both of us, I had kids in the car, so I let him go.

I must confess, I am a rather aggressive driver most of the time. I don’t know why. If I’ve merged at a reasonable point, for example, in rush-hour traffic that is going down to one-fewer lanes, and somebody drives their car right up to the end of that ending lane and then tries to insert themselved at the last possible moment, I am the sort of person that makes sure I am mere inches from the guy in front of me to ensure that doesn’t happen. I view it as punishment for being obnoxious. There are occasions, though, when I am in a hurry, that I am the obnoxious last-minute merger car. So yes, I have my faults. But I never, ever do outright nasty things like speed up to prevent someone from a perfectly legitimate merge.

I wonder if that guy is always and incurably and asshole, or if he is just one in his car?


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