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excellentblog.jpgI’m excellent. Pluckymama told me so. (I wonder who starts these things?)

Apparently, my job is now to pass the award on to ten other bloggers. That ain’t happening. I don’t want to be a spoilsport, but I’ve just been too busy to do much blog reading. So while blogs like Yoga gumbo and Them’s My Sentiments come immediately to mind, coming up with eight others is going to take up too much of my brain power.


I was just running around doing errands. This included buying a digital tape recorder, both for work and for Maya to tape her Torah lessons on to practice. I went to Best Buy. Digital recorders not cheap, but I got one that had been opened and was slightly cheaper because of that. Yay me. Then I found the Family Guy’s version of Star Wars in DVD and got it for J to give to Asher for his birthday. That’ll make them both happy.

I went to the cash and handed the sales clerk my VISA card. She flipped it over, saw that my signature had been rubbed off from it’s heavy use and announced she could not accept it, as it didn’t have a valid signature. I told her what I’ve told clerks in the same situation – I’ve signed the thing at least 5 times now, but it keeps getting rubbed off. She repeated her statement. I said, “Okay, give me a pen and I’ll sign it.” Nope, couldn’t do that. I pointed out this was ridiculous. I pointed out that I didn’t feel like going into overdraft because my chequing account was low. I got the same robotic response.

“But,” I said, “Couldn’t I just go outside to my car, sign it and come back in with a signed card.” She said, “I just need a signed card.”

“Can you hold onto these?” I asked her, handing her my stuff, “I’ll be right back.”

I went outside to my car, dug a pen out of my backpack, signed the card again and was back in the store in under a minute. She took my card, checked that it had a signature and rung through the purchases. It was surreal.

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