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We had Boo’s birthday party today. She’s been 6 for almost a month. I’m not actually completely unable to get it together (actually, I am, but this isn’t part of the proof). We just like to have her party in September, when people are actually around. As it was, it was a fairly small party – 4 girls and 5 boys. She doesn’t like boys or play with them, your understand. Except for Zachary, David, Noah, etc.

We went for a trampoline party. They got to do lots of jumping. Then, and this was what sold it for her, she got strapped into a big harness that didn’t actually fit that well, and reverse bungeed into the air. Does it get any more fun that this, I ask? No, it does not.

It made me queasy just to watch.

Having survived the dangerous part of the party, we retired to the ‘party room’ where we had cake and watched J attempt to put into action the newest addition to his magic show repertoire, balloon animals. He attempt to make a monkey and after the fourth balloon broke, yelled, “Who wants a sword?” The kids were smart and all agreed swords were good, and got them with no more balloon animal deaths.


Other than that, my weekend has involved knitting. The arrival of fall weather (which then made a full retreat today) put me in the knitting frame of mind. Soapstone is summer and knitting is winter. Knitting kind of got interrupted last year, after February, because by the time my hands worked well enough to knit, it was spring and back to soapstone.

My mother got ahold of a great pile of oiled wool. This stuff hasn’t had the lanolin, or some such thing, taken out of it and so is heavy and waterproof. It has quite a strong, distinctive odour too, like sheep (clean sheep) and earth, maybe. I like it, my kids do not. Anyway, we’ve decided to knit fisherman’s knit sweaters for all the ungrateful children (hoping the smell will wash out somewhat). She started on the cousins and on Friday brought me wool to start on mine.

Maya didn’t like what my mom had done for her cousin – too busy – so I modified the pattern to be less busy and take out some bobbles I hated, and started on one for Boo. If Maya likes that one, I might put the effort into one for her. Knitting with wool that heavy isn’t easy. This is how far I’ve gotten. The picture isn’t really as badly lit as it seems. The yarn isn’t dyed and is a natural wooly beige.

Starting the sweater reminded me that I hadn’t finished a pair of mitts I was making for myself out of the same stuff, only I’m thrumming them for extra warms. So I ditched the sweater last night and worked on the mitts instead.

Both of these things have pushed aside the socks I’ve had kicking around all summer. I decided to knit them toe-up, which isn’t very common, and have kind of been winging it. I knit much of one before I decided I didn’t like how the toe fit and started again. This is how far I’ve gotten. Having people guess what it is is the most fun part of these. The funniest guess came from J’s uncle, who figured I was going for knit condoms.


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I found my camera, but still don’t have any pictures of snow-puppy. I do have pictures from Boo’s birthday party, now a couple months old. But here are a couple anyway:


She wanted a gymnastics party, because as far as she is concerned, if you can’t climb it, jump on it or jump off it, it is no fun. For those people who are deluded into thinking that at least girls are calmer than boys and don’t treat the house like a jungle gym, I invite you over to my house to witness Boo do things like leap from the top of the bunk bed like a spider monkey to the floor. Or worse, to the rocking chair.


Here are several of the kids waiting for their turns. The tall boy in the white shirt is Boo’s boyfriend. Isn’t he cute? Well, actually, turns out he’s one of her boyfriends. The little guy behind him is the other one. Too bad you can’t see him better, because he’s cute too.

We discovered this the other day when Boo announced, “I have a boyfriend and D has a girlfriend!” Odd way to put it, but we’ll play along. “Who are they?” Maya asked. “Well, I’m D’s girlfriend and C is my boyfriend.” We pointed out that it sounded like she has two boyfriends and she was just delighted with that notion. I’m going to have to watch that one closely.


Someone just found my site by googling “what judaism means to me.” I find this odd. It doesn’t seem to be the sort of thing the internet is going to tell you. Speaking of, we took the whole family to synagogue this Saturday and plan to continue. We fell out of the habit at our old shul because there was nothing to keep the kids engaged, making the whole experience increasingly unpleasant. We are back on the wagon, though.

Asher threw a huge fit because services bore him silly. In truth, I sympathize completely. Just sitting and not being allowed to doodle, or knit or read something else at the same time is difficult for me as well. He solved his problem by refusing to enter the sanctuary, wandering around the rest of the building until he found a friend. I solved the problem by reading the Torah (and commentary) in great detail. It was actually quite nice. I think we all enjoyed the experience more than we expected to, which is good, because we are determined to make this a regular activity.


Jasper has started intermediate training at Petsmart, where he did the beginner class. Same instructor too. She is great. He’s learning to stay longer, wait (which is different than stay), and heel. Heel is the one I just couldn’t quite figure out on my own. I did have a go at it now and then, and something must have sunk in, because he got it the moment I tried and while other dogs are making it 4 or 5 steps down the aisle before bolting, Jasper makes it up one aisle and down the other. Of course, it helps that he is brilliant.

Our latest move is teaching the dog to ‘touch.’ “Touch ball” is this week’s command. Every time Jasper pokes the ball with his nose or paws at it, he gets a treat. At first, he found me waving the ball in his face very annoying and tried to bite it. But he soon clued to. The instructor has great plans for ‘touch,’ like teaching the dog to turn off lights or pick up their own toys and put them away (I asked if I could bring my kids to the next class, so she could teach them that trick too).

This class is smaller than the beginner, not surprisingly. There are only 4 other dogs. One is a tiny little poodle, which I find odd. Most dogs in training classes are large, I guess because most people aren’t concerned about being able to control something that weighs only 7 lbs.

Last class, we went out into the store to work on something – the instructor likes the distractions – and as we exited the training room we passed a girl about 20 years old. When she spotted Jasper, she yelled, “Wow!” Then she followed us. She watched the training session, commenting repeatedly on how beautiful my dog was and how much she loved him. As we headed back to the room, she told me in a voice of complete sincerity, “I just love your dog so much that if I could, I’d steal him.”

I was glad to be going into the training room and away from the crazy dog stalker, but she followed us in! She sat beside Jasper and kept trying to pat him, but he was having none of it. I don’t know if he independently decided she was nuts, or if he was picking up vibes from me. When the class ended, I confess bolted ahead of the others, leaving the stalker trapped behind the other dogs going out the door, and then quickly left the store, double-checking that no one had followed me from the parking lot when I left.

There’s the down side to having the most marvelous dog in the world.

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