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We had Maya’s birthday this weekend. It seems the older she gets, the longer her birthday lasts. This one was about 24 hours. It’s still easier, though. The kids are largely civilized and can amuse themselves.

Two of her friends came over Saturday afternoon, played around and then we took them to dinner at an atrocious place called Lone Star – their choice. It’s ‘tex-mex’ food. (I’ve been to Mexico, although not Texas, and nothing I ate there was anything like this stuff, I have to say.) It is very loud there. J taught all the kids about horse-racing and then sat them at the bar to watch a horse called Big Brown lose the 3rd leg of the Triple Crown. The girls were worried about J when that happened – “Are you sad?” There is a very large emotional gulf between 12-year-old girls and 40-year-old men.

There’s also a very large physical gulf between girls at that age. When kids are Boo’s age – 5 – there are some who are larger and some who are smaller, but they all look pretty much the same – 5. Maya’s 3 friends (the third joined us later) are coincidentally all born within 6 days of each other and are all 6 months younger than she is. One is now the same height I am, wears a bra and has acne. If it weren’t for her blatently (and appropriate, of course) childish demeanor, she could easily pass for 16 years old. Another is shorter than Asher and could easily pass for 8 years old.

They had a sleep-over, then the third girl joined them Sunday morning to go horse-back riding. The third kid, S., is very Orthodox – no driving on Saturday (making attending the sleep-over too difficult), no food she didn’t bring herself or was unopened and bearing a hecksher (kosher symbol), etc. She did add a challenge to the organizing. We worried about how she would ride while wearing a skirt, we worried about the cake, which she wouldn’t eat, what she would do at the splash park afterwards. The cake was ice cream, but we needed an unopened container of ice cream for S, plus plastic cutlery and dishes. It gave me added insight into why those involved in very Orthodox communities tend to stick to themselves – trying to function in the rest of the world is downright complicated.

It all worked out, though, and the kids appeared to have a great time. Next up: Boo’s birthday, which she has only been planning since the last one.



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That’s how old my eldest child is now. It’s kind of exciting. I feel a little like I did when she was one. She was still a baby, and yet I could see in her the precursers of the child she was becoming. This time, I see hints of the adult. She’s about to change in a huge way.

For a long time, I was terrified of Maya’s adolescence, partly because she’s always had hints of an obnoxious teenager in her. Since she was able to put a whole sentence together – and I am not exaggerating one bit – she has know the exact thing to say to piss me off the most. (Once, when she was three, I was on the phone with her pre-school teacher for the upcoming year, and I took longer than Maya liked. She wanted to tell me something and tell me it now. I ignored her, of course, as she nagged, “Mom, get off the phone. Mom, I want to tell you something. Mom, mom, mom …” Finally, her patience ran out and she yelled at top volume, “Mom! Get off the fucking phone!” It’s a good thing that teacher had a very good sense of humour.)

But I find I am no longer so nervous. She’s turning into such an interesting person, with a wicked sense of humour. I have no doubt she’ll continue to know exactly what to say to piss me off and I am afraid we will be butting heads during the next few years more than I’d like, but there’s nothing new in that. I’m coping, even if I am sadly unable to actually get better at coping.

She’s mature and kind and helpful and funny and I realize that I’m not afraid of the teenager she is becoming. Rather, I am looking forward to meeting that person, because I’m certain she’s going to be great.

Maya Dancing in the Kitchen, by Asher:

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