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First Boyfriend

Not Maya – Boo.

There is a family one street over whose kids go to the same school mine do. The oldest girl is Maya’s age, and her best friend. The second kid is a boy Asher’s age, and they are also friends. The youngest is Boo’s age, but a boy. By virtue of proximity, they’ve hung out together, but never really bonded. They were in the same class last year and this year. Suddenly, they both started demanding to be allow to play at each others houses.

Yesterday, I carpooled their kids, dumping the girls at shul school. I then dropped Asher off at their house and brought the littlest one, D, here. On the way home in the care, he announced, “I hate pink. Blllech.” I cringed slightly, waiting for Boo to become offended, as she loves pink. Instead, she yelled, “PINK!” He responded, “YUCK!” and they were off to the races.

She ordered him around terribly, but he just did what he was told. Then at one point, she got a catalogue of toys that came in the mail and told him she would show him some toys, but would protect him from the pink ones. She’d open a page and then slap her hand over something and warn him, “It’s pink!” He’d roll around as if he’d been shot, groaning, then she’d say, “It’s okay. I covered it for you.”

Okay, none of this is particularly romantic behaviour. My kids have always had friends of the opposite sex, and Maya’s best friend until she was in about grade 3 was a boy. One of Boo’s best friends, in a different school, is a boy.

But this was the clincher. I drove them back to his house, side by side in their booster seats and when we arrived, and D started to unbuckle himself, Boo yelled, “Hug! Hug! Hug!” I was sure he’d be horrified, but instead he said, “Just a minute, I have to get unbuckled.” Then he went and give her a big hug. She’s never done this with any other little boy. And he was so nonchalant about it, I wonder how many other hugs there have been? At least she had good taste – he’s got red hair and blue blue eyes and is really cute.


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