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So Boo was still in daycamp this week, even though Asher was already home. It was pottery camp. She was very keen on it. I kind of figured that was a third child thing – happily going off to camp – but I had dinner with a friend who told me her third hates going to camp. He’s shy. So I guess it is just Boo being Boo.

I tried to talk Asher into a week of daycamp, since all his friends are gone to camps and I was afraid he’d be bored, but he adamantly refused, telling me that after the experience of sleep-away camp, day camp wouldn’t cut it. I wasn’t too worried, though, because he’s pretty good at amusing himself and we’ve always been able to just hang out.

We rented the Indiana Jones series and have been blobbing out in front of the TV. Actually, he’s been blobbing out; I was organizing the kids’ toys and folding laundry. I am incapable of just watching TV. I must normally also do one of the following: fold laundry, knit, write in my jounal (not good for very action-oriented shows), polish soapstone or brush the dog.

He’s also into cooking and has gotten some good play time in with his cousins, who are also not in camp.

I have several friends who have only boys and who wished for a girl. I wanted a girl too, when I was first pregnant. I can’t even quite remember why, but I think it had something to do with wanting someone like me. I don’t know why I thought gender would be the determining factor in producing that someone, especially as I am not that girly.

So of course, the one child most like me is Asher, who likes futzing around and science and gardening and action movies. For example, I told him we were going out soon to run a couple errands, something he’s excited about because he has a plan to buy bubble gum. But I wasn’t ready to go right away. I want to finish this, get dressed, eat something. His darling sisters would have nagged me to death by now under the same circumstances. He’s found an old balloon-animal balloon and has figured out how to blow it back up despite the big hole in it.

I love showing him movies I loved as a kid, like the Indiana Jones series. I wonder if he’s ready for Aliens, or if that’d just mean he’ll never sleep again.

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