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Mary G from Them’s My Sentiments tagged me for a cool meme, where in you find the 6th photo in the 6th folder of your pictures and post it. I mostly hang out here on my laptop now and it mostly has work photos on it, so that didn’t work (lots of cute children, just not mine, and therefore, not mine to show to the world). I went back to my original computer, and this is what came up, from 2003. We went up to the cottage one weekend and my FIL had just gotten a digital camera, one of the first popularly available. I was intrigued with them, but resisted even looking at them seriously because I loved my old-fashioned one so much. Couldn’t resist taking his for a spin, though, and to his shock I took about 300 photographs that afternoon. I guess I was an early adopter after all. My FIL used his digital camera exactly the way he used his film one, taking only a photo or two of each subject. I already had figured out the way to get a good photo was to take a lot and tended to plunk babies down and take a couple of rolls of pictures at a time. With digital, the possibilities were endless. I got maybe 25 photos I really liked enough to keep, and this was one.

This is Boo, at about a year old. Is she not the most adorable thing? It makes me sorry I didn’t start this blog until the kids were older, because they were so darn cute when they were little. Maybe I’ll have to just toss in the occasional baby photo of them just because.

Tagging. Hmmm. Well, Yogamum, just because, although she doesn’t post faces of her kids, so it might be tough. Informal Matriarch takes great photos, so she could be interesting. I’ve recently discovered The Live and Times of Organic and she has gorgeous pictures, so her too. I tend to be a big lurker, so this is as good as it gets.


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I’ve been sulking because I couldn’t find my card reader and I had some great pictures on my camera. I couldn’t think of anything else to put on the blog but the pictures. Of course, now that I have the pictures downloaded, I can think of lots of other things to blog about.

I rejoined Weight watchers, for one. I want to be less fat for Maya’s bat mitzvah in April. And I just want to be less fat in general.

Asher’s digital camera broke and when we tried to have it fixed, they declared it not worth the trouble, which was what I suspected would happen. He wanted a new one, so I went online and found him the same make and similar model, but upgraded – more megs, longer zoom, etc. After tax and shipping, it cost him $122.02. Unbelievable. You can get a decent camera for an incredible price now. Anyway, he had $128.02 in his bank account, so he’s still up $6 and is a happy boy. We ordered it Wednesday and it arrived today. Which is why I can upload my pictures, to tell the truth, because I used th cord that came with his camera.

Here is Jasper, happy to be free.

I thought if anything would get that dopey dog to actually swim, it would be ducks. But he still wouldn’t go over his head. And the ducks knew it.

We saw a heron, too. I have other pictures closer up, but I like this because Jasper’s head is there. The heron left moments later. It wasn’t as trusting as the ducks.

Find the boy:

Feeding the ducks. The dog was initially outraged that the stale bagels were going to the ducks.

Maya, throwing fluffies.

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