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My picture uploader works again. See:

This is Jasper, waiting for J to run by. J likes to demonstrate his insanity by running the 10K race every year. This past weekend was the National Capital Race weekend, where hordes of crazy people run in a variety of races, from a 5K to a marathon.

Like pretty much everyone in this race, J is not in it to win anything, merely to get the time he is aiming for. He wanted to do it in an hour. He made it in an hour and 2 minutes, which is pretty good, seeing how little he actually trained for this. He doesn’t think he needs much training. “Anyone can run for an hour,” he told me. Speak for yourself, dude. I can’t run to the end of the driveway and I can’t even blame my recent Nap. I’ve always been like that.

Here’s J, in the blue hat:

This is a good photo, because it doesn’t clearly show how pained he looked. The kids and I, as we watched the runners pass, noticed that there were essentially two types of runners in this race : those who loped along looking pretty comfortable, maybe sweating, but generally looking loose and pain-free; and those who were basically doing the running version of hobbling, looking stiff and uncomfortable. J is the latter, although there are far worse than him.

These are the front runners. They all looked loose. I can see why these people are here, because they are going to earn money.

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