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The Absolute Proof

That Maya was the cutest baby ever:


(I’ve been scanning more photos.)


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* Version One

When we had Maya, we were convinced she was the cutest baby in the universe. J honestly felt badly for the other parents who had their babies at the same time, because when they went to pick up their newborns in the hospital nursery, they’d spot Maya and be jealous.

Years later, we looked back on our photos and came to the realization that really, while she wasn’t actually ugly, she wasn’t the most gorgeous infant around either. But once she passed infancy and came into baby and toddlerhood, she did in fact become the cutest baby ever. I’ve been scanning old photos we have of her, so I have proof. Once I scan infant pictures, I’ll post those too, not be biased. But for now, adorable toddler:emma-toddler10


M with doll

M with baby

This last one is Maya with the Cutest Baby Ever, Version Two, (otherwise known as Asher) who was also not cutest until later. But whereas she was still cute as an infant, just not the cutest, he was, um, kinda ugly. Totally not his fault though, because he kind of got squished in utero and emerged with a huge lump on his head, a bloodshot right eye and a squashed ear. Stay tuned for more of Version Two.

Oh, and just for comparison purposes, here’s the Cutest Baby Ever, 12 years later.


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Small cute things

beau1Part of my job – the most enjoyable part – is putting out a weekly e-newsletter to all the parents of the school I work at (the grammar geek in me wishes to write ‘the school at which I work’ but I’m afraid that sounds all pretentious).

Anyway, I just discovered that a grade four classroom is the temporary home to a pair of rats, borrowed from one of the teacher’s kids. The rats are there to teach kids about animal habitats, etc. (I know – wow, smart rats. Okay, they are there to help facilitate the teaching.)

I popped into the classroom at recess to get photos. The teacher opened the door and let the rats come out to visit me and – awwww, so cute! They are both female and very friendly. They came out and wandered around the desk. The brown one crawled around in my sweater and cuddled up in the crook of my arm. The teacher told me that some kids were nervous about them at first, but now all love them and many are begging their parents for their own. Forget the kids, I want one. They really were so cute. I so don’t get why people don’t like them (okay, I get it a bit with male rats, because their testicles are about a third of the size of their bodies, blech). I’ve heard people say it’s the tails, but they seem incapable of explaining exactly what it is about the tails. I guess you get it or you don’t.  Anyway, they were very sweet, and I wanted to keep them.

I could only put a couple photos in the newsletter, and it was hard to chose. So I made myself fell better about that by posting them all here, instead. This is Nesumi stealing bandaids. She collected all of them, one at at time.


The rats trying to steal lesson plans:






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