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Shopping on ebay is so much fun now that the American dollar has tanked. It used to be that it was still cheaper to get stuff, like my lovely fountain pen, on ebay rather than retail. But you had to be careful. You had to take the price and raise it to account for the fact that the Canadian dollar used to be worth about 80% of the US one. Then there was shipping on top of that, then you had to raise the shipping too, which was already frequently ridiculous because we are ‘international.’

But now, ebay shopping is a joy, except for the stupid shipping hassles. If you log in on ebay.ca, the listings kindly convert the prices into Canadian currency in brackets after the US price. It is so much fun seeing a smaller number in the brackets. Probably too much fun. My simple brain looks at the reduced number and says, “It’s so much cheaper now to buy in the States it is almost free! Free!” Click.

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