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I was just downstairs doing laundry. I opened the box of Oxyclean and some of the powder flung up into my eyes. My first thought was that it was only a little bit and wouldn’t hurt. My second thought was: OW OW OW OW.

I charged out of the laundry room (in the basement), ran at full speed past the kids blobbed out in front of the TV and pounded upstairs to the kitchen. The children completely ignored me. Good thing I didn’t have to rely on them to phone 911 or something.

In the kitchen, I turned the water on, took the spray nozzle and pointed it straight up at my face. A few moments of that and the pain subsided to the point that I could think a bit more clearly, and I instead grabbed a glass and filled it from the tap. I let the stream keep running into the glass and blinked my eye in the overflow, thereby saving myself a major kitchen clean-up. Now my eye aches, but I can still see, so I am assuming no permanent damage. I had no idea before now that an eye could ache, though.

After I’d finished washing my eye out, I grabbed a towel and dried my head. As I was doing so, Asher came upstairs, took in my wet face and hair and my one red eyeball and said, “When’s dinner?”


So, having finished helping the kids with all their little soapstone projects, I got back to mine. One was a fairly big peice of Chinese soapstone, which is much lighter and softer than the other stuff I’ve worked with. It makes for easy carving. This is what I made:

I have a hard time photgraphing soapstone. My camera doesn’t like focusing on it. This is the only clear shot I got. I managed one picture when Jasper got up and lay down right where I was photographing, so I put the whale on him to demonstrate the way I intend the whale to be displayed:

That’s because it only has one side, really. The shape of the piece screamed ‘whale’ at me (although my kids are quick to point out that I see whales in pretty much every irregular piece of stone I see), but didn’t have enough stone on one side to make a full flipper. I solved this problem by carving it so that it rests on its side instead.

I also made this wee piece on the weekend. The battery died before I could get a decent shot. It is, for those who can’t tell, a whale. Variety is the spice of life, they say.


Downloading the whale pictures, I realized I’d forgotten the pictures I took at camp when we picked Asher up. Here he is in his cabin:

Most of the buildings have murals on them, painted by the kids. Maya told me about a mural her group was planning, and when I asked her where they were going to paint it, she said, “We haven’t decided yet. We’ll find an empty wall.” I actually found this quite charming, as well as the tire flower pots at the bottom of the shot.

Here’s a dragonfly who hung out on my hand for the longest time, until Boo spotted me and whined, “I want a dragonfly on my hand. It’s not faaaiiir.” There were dragonflies everywhere and Maya told me it was because they had a ‘dragonfly dump’ a few days earlier. She said a plane flew over and let go of a zillion dragonflies over the lake and now they are everywhere, obligingly eating the mosquitos. I wonder where they get the dragonflies from? Anyway, it sure was pretty, seeing them everywhere.

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