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Okay, I confess, I haven’t figure out how to embed youtube videos, but I just have to pass this one on:

It’s John McCain, on Meet the Press. Go watch. I’ll wait.

Okay, now really, how can anyone vote for him? Of course, lots of people forget stuff. I forget stuff all the time – names of common household items, descriptive words I’m sure begin with a “D,” fiddle lessons, doctor’s appointments, whether I met that guy before. But the thing is, I’m not running for President of the whole damn United States of America. And people who want to be President shouldn’t forget a list of just five names while being interviewed on TV. Just no. Vote for the other dude.


Snow. Snow happened here before Halloween. Real snow. It was a bit surreal. The dog found it just perfect for a wee lie-down. At 11 pm, when I was trying to get everything turned off to go to bed.

Even with that, I didn’t expect snow snow this morning. And yet, there it was. Big scramble for boots, mitts, hats. The kids had eaten dinner and were out by 7:15. Except Maya. She’s post-snow excitment. Jasper isn’t. Even after the kids left, he’d go out and snowplow around, come in and thaw all over the wood floor, and then head back out again. Oh, the fun.

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