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So yesterday, I hauled out all the plastic stuff we have to get rid of it, or at least take it out of circulation. Then, in a moment of blogginess, I then put it all on the counter and took a picture. I uploaded the picture onto the computer, then told wordpress to upload it onto my blog. It did so. It is now sitting in my ‘gallery.’ However, when I agree with wordpress that I would like the ‘gallery’ placed in my post, it does this:


Ha ha – a blog program with a sense of humour. Actually, it only does that half the time. The other half of the time, it merely freezes. This is pissing me off. I finally got organized enough to take a photo to accompany my ramblings and the stupid blog program won’t cooperate! I’ve tried for 2 days.

So, picture this: a counter top full of plastic plates, bowls, cups and water bottles. Okay. Good. Who needs photos anyway?

The straw cups aren’t in the pile because the metal water bottles have yet to arrive. But I did discover that they are number 5s, which isn’t a bad plastic as far as leaching is concerned, so perhaps I’ll keep them as back-up. The old sippy cups were 7s, which are very bad, but I have two newer ones that are 5s. Interesting.

I don’t know what to with all this stuff, up there in that inspired photo. Throwing it out seems bad, but I can’t think of a use for it all. Any ideas?

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I’ve been resisting the hysterical reaction to plastic that has been building around me. We’ve continued to use straw cups and sippy cups and plastic storage containers for the kids’ lunches (using those used to be considered ecologically-friendly, given that the option was one-time-use packages).

I’ve given the kids straw cups of water with their lunches every day they’ve gone to school and camp and daycare since they were babies. For Maya, that’s over eleven years of water soaking in plastic, so I really, really don’t want that to be a bad thing to do. Plastic is bad for you? Lalalalalalala – I can’t hear you!

I even read an article in the paper a few weeks ago about Canada’s ban on the chemical BPA in baby bottles, wherein some scientist was quoted as saying that exposure to harmful chemicals was actually very, very minor, but that the Canadian government wants to be extra careful when it comes to babies.

Ha, I thought. I was right. Hysteria. I don’t have any babies (and when I did, they refused to take bottles). I don’t need to worry.

But then I accidentally picked up a copy of GreenLiving (www.greenlivingonline.com) at a friend’s house and started reading what they had to say about plastics. They said things about how the leaching rate (how fast bad chemicals leach out into the water in the container) goes up like crazy every time you wash something like a sippy cup in the dishwasher, particularly when they get old and scratched up. Everything we have is old and scratched up.

It tipped me over the edge. I came home and bought these online:

They are metal water bottles. Those ones will belong to Asher, Maya and Boo I got a couple more too, but they aren’t so cute (they are still pretty cool-looking). If the children lose them, I will have a fit. In fact, I’ve made sure Asher’s will have a cap like the other two and not the screw-cap shown here, because there is no hope he’ll keep anything not securely attached – I’m not that stupid. No, I’m just stupid enough to buy these and hope the kids keep them long enough for me to not have to special order them from the US next time.

As soon as these arrive, all the water bottles, straw cups and sippy cups are going in the garbage. I think it was very restrained of me to not throw them out already. It is the sort of thing I’m inclined to do  – just suddenly toss out all the things I’ve decided are bad without having yet gotten replacements. But after eleven years, what’s a couple more days?

The plastic bowls and plates are history too, but I was heading towards that anyway, as we are somewhat past the bowl-knocking and plate-tossing age. I haven’t figured out how to replace the little plastic lunch containers we use, but from what I’ve read, I need to panic less over food containers than those for liquids. Luckily, we’ve been using stainless steel thermoses all along. At least I did something right.

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