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I’m tired.

It’s a lot of fun and really interesting being in the school so much but I really am tired.

One of the big problems with working, I’ve discovered, is that you are required to dress like a civilized human being. Like many journalists I know, and even some stay-at-home moms, I dress like a student – jeans, oversized shirt,15-year-old sweatshirts. I like being comfortable. It drives J a little bit crazy and for a while he waged a campaign to get me to just tuck in my shirts. He failed.

I do realize that adults do not dress this way, so I’ve been trying to find clothing that is work-appropriate and yet not miserably uncomfortable. This is made extra fun by the fact that not only am I regular old fat, but my belly bulges way out, thanks to the colostomy, the hernia and the severed stomach muscles. I have found enough to cope, fortunately.

Funny, that the thing that bothers me most about my job is the requirement to dress like a grown-up. When I think about it, that makes me pretty happy. I mean, it isn’t even a requirement to dress in business clothing – just lose the sweatshirts and jeans. And if that is the worst thing I can come up with for my job, I probably have it pretty good. Which I do. My boss(es) are great, the office is staffed by two of the nicest women you could want to deal with. I see my kids throughout the work day and even the eldest greets me. And I’m learning all the ins and outs of the school.

So, besides the wrenching exhaustion, all is good in the world of employment.

I think I’ll go take a nap.

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