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Maya is having dental surgery today, or as she insists we refer to it: dental treatment. The word ‘surgery’ is not allowed, as it is suggestive of coming together of sharp things and flesh.

They have to put her out, pull three teeth, then cut holes in the roof of her mouth where her adult eye teeth have been lounging lazily about in the wrong spot. Then they will glue wee chains to those teeth, put braces along the front and hook up the chains, which will then slowly pull the errand eye teeth down and forward into place.

She’s a little freaked out, particularly over the little IV she will need. “What if the needle goes right through my hand?!”

Okay, she’s a lot freaked out. “What if I die?! And I going to die?”

We’ve been very reassuring.  I haven’t told her that having teeth pulled (I’ve had two molars pulled at different times) was the most painful experience of my life, even over childbirth. I haven’t told her that coming out of the sedation after having one of those teeth pulled was utterly miserable. I didn’t tell her about how, when I was in hospital after Boo was born, I’d start to cry when the nurse came in to change the location of my IV because having that little needle poked into my hand was so shockingly painful, or about when I was 13 and about to have my appendix out and the nurse actually shoved the IV needle right through the vein and my whole hand started swelling up. I certainly didn’t mention that several years ago, a teenager died while undergoing dental surgery treatment – which is, apparently, a very very rare side effect of sedation.

Nope, not a peep. Which doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking of all those things.

I’m dreading dealing with post-operative Maya. She’s going to be in a lot of pain and she’s really, really bad with pain. Really bad. And she’s going to take it out on me. I’ve filled the prescription they gave us for Tylenol 2 and I’m sincerely hoping it’ll just knock her right out.

If not, maybe I’ll just crank up my own painkillers. Because this is going to hurt.

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