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I just got a comment on an old post, in which I had some photos of my soapstone carvings. It caused me to go look at the post once again and I saw that pluckymama had recommended, in the comments, a TV series to follow up on my Six Feet Under binge. I told her I would check it out, but instead got well enough to stop watching endling DVDs on my laptop and never did.

So then I ended up in the hospital. When I was first getting better, I found television overwhelming. I did not have the hand strength to hold a book or magazine and, worried that I would get bored as I managed to stay awake longer (initially, when I wasn’t being medically fussed with or in therapy, I slept), they’d drag in a TV for me. The first time, I watched part of an entertainment program but found it too hard to concentrate after a few minutes and had them turn it off. The second time, they put on Raiders of the Lost Ark, one of my very favourite movies. I think I made it half an hour that time. Even knowing the plot, watching required too much concentration.

But gradually, my concentration improved. At the same time, so did my hand strength and just about the time I was capable of holding open a People magazine, I had the brain power to read it.

J started bringing in DVDs to watch. I requested a season of Will and Grace a friend owns. He showed up with a series I’d never heard of that his receptionist had borrowed from someone else to give to me, as she swore I’d love it. Hand over the Will and Grace, I insisted.

When I was almost finished that, my former rabbi and current friend popped in for a visit and spotted the DVDs on my table. “Oh,” he said, “Firefly! I loved that series.” Well, if the rabbi says it’s good …

So I watched it, one DVD after another,┬áreally only stopping long enough to be polite to visitors, and be dragged off to physiotherapy, until I’d finished the whole thing. Then I went back and watched all the episodes with commentary. I love Firefly. My only regret in getting sucked into this thing is that stupid FOX cancelled it after only 11 episodes.

Basically, this is just a big, long apology to pluckymama for not listening to her earlier.


It is spectacular gardening weather, as it was yesterday and the day before, and I am lying up in bed with the laptop propped on my lap and the dog using my legs for his pillow. I am too tired to garden. The other day, I gamely set to pulling some weeds that have already raised their ugly heads and I managed 3 before I ran out of steam. It’s a wee bit frustrating, but I just remind myself that it is less than 2 months since I woke up and they told me I’d need 3 months of rehab after I got out of the ICU, and then I’m just happy to be lying in my own room enjoying the nice breeze and yelling at my kids out the open window and stop worrying about the weeds, too much.


I did worry about my dumb dog, though, who refuses to leave my side even if it means not really getting enough exercise. I took him for his check-up and shots and mentioned his lethargy to the vet. She firmly established herself in my good books by telling me that Jasper is clearly a very intelligent dog, as doodles tend to be, and he’s probably just a little freaked by my disappearance and reappearance and he’s going to stick close until he feels assured enough that I’m not going to disappear again. At least he made it easy to get him completely dematted and brushed out. He’s once again my fluffy puppy.

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