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The American election is coming up very soon. I was a good girl and voted in our wildly-exciting Canadian one, doing my bit to try to unseat the Conservatives. It didn’t work. I didn’t really care. I would have liked pretty much any of the other party to form the government, but since the Conservatives didn’t get a majority (their power is therefore limited), I don’t really care.

When I realized that I didn’t care too much about the Canadian election was about the same time that I realized I do care about the American one, even more than I want to. In fact, I’m pretty sure that if the Republicans actually get power (or steal it, like they did 8 years ago), I will cry. Really cry. Former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau said it best when he told the Americans, “Living next to you is like sleeping with an elephant; no matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast, one is affected by every twitch and grunt.” It feels like their election matters more to Canada than ours did.

Ages ago, when Hilary and Barack were battling it out, I was for Hilary in a vague kind of way. I didn’t pay much attention. I just wanted the woman to win, and I thought she deserved it because of her greater experience. But Barack won, so I contentedly shifted my allegiance to him because any Democrate is better than any Republican in my mind.

Then the Republicans picked McCain and I got more vested in Obama, because the idea of a guy who happily abandoned every single principal he appears to have ever held in order to be president is a guy you really don’t want to be president.

Palin really pushed it over the top as far as fear of Republicans go. Although she is vastly, vastly amusing, the idea of her actually having some power gives me the shivers.

But here’s what really did it for me: I finally watched Barack Obama give a speech. I’ve read tons about him and what he does and says, but I since we tend to read more than watch TV news, I hadn’t really seen a lot of him.

It was a speech given only a week or two ago, while the Republicans are trying to stir up latent racism and suggest their opponent is a terrorist. Obama, to my surprise, talked about unity and how everyone, Republicans and Democrats, want what is best for their country. His speech was (dare I say it?) downright inspiring. I realized – oh shit, he’s not just the not-bad guy, he’s actually a good guy. And he’s ahead in the polls. And he might actually win.

So I’ve gotten my hopes up, which I kind of hate. And yet, there it is.


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