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Yesterday was a little bit of One of Those Days. I misplaced my bank card, so I grabbed a credit card to go to the grocery store and pick up a few last minute necessities on the way home from school with the kids. The plan was to pop in, pop out and then rest for an hour before the Halloween madness hit, because I was tired.

Instead, having picked up last minute face glitter, candy to give out and food for an easy dinner, I found out the grocery store didn’t take the credit card I had. Instead of abandoning it all, I called J, who was just leaving work, and asked him to come to the store and pay for it. Then we sat down to wait.

The next 20 minutes were not pretty. For one, it should have only been 10, but the traffic was hell and hubby was slow. And his phone died, so I couldn’t call him and tell him to give up. I got to just sit and listen to Maya freak out about how Halloween was ruined and we’d never get home in time to eat, dress and and get an early start on the greed. This was her last Halloween and it was completely ruined! How could I do this to her?!

I used the time to phone the mother of the friend Maya was going out with to find out her timeline and discovered they too were running behind. I explained what was up with us and we agreed to touch base later.

When I hung up, a woman approached me and said she’d overheard me saying I’d brought the wrong card and was waiting for a not-appearing husband. She then, this total stranger, offered to pay for my groceries, give me her address and I just have me mail her a cheque. She could see that the kids were tired and strung out and had been there and wanted to help.

I declined, because we were stuck waiting for J anyway, since I couldn’t reach him, and I was sure he’d show up any minutes, but she made my day anyway.

There are good, good people in the world.

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