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Raining, pouring

It’s been hot and humid all day, with a huge breeze. I love such weather and opened all the windows as widely as I could. I also did a lot of laundy, because it is perfect laundry-drying weather. The game is, though, to then get your laundry in before it starts to rain. Because a storm is inevitable.

It’s a cool storm. We went grocery shopping and when we left the store, to our right it was bright and clear. To our left the sky was deep, deep bluey gray. By the time we reached home, the wind had picked up more and the dark clouds were almost upon us. The kids helped me bring the groceries in, then we ran for the laundry, which we got in just in time. Yes, I win!

Now it is raining and hailing, with lots of thunder and lightening. I love thunderstorms. Unless, of course, I’m in a tiny tent beside a stream in Zion National Park, but that’s a whole nother story.

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So, how’s it going with you?

Now much going on around here. The weather is nice, the hubby is working a lot, the kids are excited about the end of school fast approaching and I’m a blob. Same old, same old. I managed this:

 I used to bring up the wet laundry up in bags, making several trips until it was all upstairs, but now that I have the hernia, I don’t even do that. I make J do all the heavy lifting before he leaves and when he returns. It’s slow going.

Oh, I did get my hair cut and highlighted today. For a while, I’ve been trying to decide whether to keep it short or grow it back out. Then it got hot and humid and I had a few flashbacks to last year, when there was nowhere I could put my hair that was far enough away from my neck, and I developed a new appreciation for the shortness of it all. So I made the appointment.

People have been saying all sorts of nice things about my short hair, but I didn’t trust a single one of them. I mean, really, what else are they going to say? “I’m so glad you made it through your illness alive. Too bad about the hair, though.”

Maya was the only one who clearly expressed an opinion that I should grow out my hair, complaining when she heard about my hair appointment. I think that has more to do with wanted me to return to my former self rather than any real preference for any hair style.

I’m not the only one who got a hair cut this week. Check out this:

It is what it seems: Jasper’s hair. It was getting awfully long and shaggy and, while it was completely adorable, he clearly had the same feeling about long hair and hot weather as I had and I felt sorry for him. So I’ve been following him around for the past few days, hacking at him when he lies down long enough to allow it. I still have a few bits to get at – the back of his right leg, example, and his chest, but he’s still cute.

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