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fall leaves

I’ve been working for two weeks and I’d have to say it is going very well. Except for the part where no one has any clean clothes any more.

It’s pretty quiet around here right now – J is biking and all the children are off amusing themselves somehow. And they are old enough that the fact that they are all quiet and not bothering me does not mean some sort of destruction of property is inevitable. (My in-laws have this lovely old clock that sits in their dining room. It’s 4:10, always. When people ask why it is 4:10 always, my MIL says, “J took it apart when he was 6 years old.” When people tell her that is too bad, she gets this dreamy look on her face, clearly channeling how she felt that day, and says, “Oh no. It kept him busy for 2 whole hours. It was worth it.”)

So I had a choice – do some cleaning and laundry or brush the dog. His fur is getting really long and so he starts matting like crazy if not brushed pretty much daily and this is already day 3. I brushed the dog, of course. It was actually quite a work out. And now he’s all fluffy.

He’s run away somewhere, though, so all you get is photos of my kids and their friends cavorting in the fall leaves.


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