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J and I have been doing a lot of Olympic watching. I’m not much into watching sports normally, but I do like the Olympics.

I have to confess, though, that as I watched Michael Phelps win his gazillionth gold medal, I wondered what it would be like to watch the Olympics if you actually had athletes from your country winning things. Phelps is a bit of an unusual case, because I think he’s just so remarkable that people from all over the world have been rooting for him. But there are other events where we are watching and wondering who to root for – the American? Or maybe the Brit? How about that underdog Croatian?

I started staying that our motto should be “We’re number four!” after Mike Brown missed the bronze in the 200 meter breaststroke by 9/100ths of a second and then the shot put dude, Dylan Armstrong missed out on a bronze by one centimeter. J predicted that when we finally won something, it would be in a sport that, when mentioned, caused people to say, “Really? That’s an Olympic sport?” And sure enough, our first medal was in women’s wrestling.

But we don’t have to worry, because we have a winner right here in our own house. Boo returned from day camp on Friday and told me that they have a race called ‘run and scream,’ the point of which is to run as far as you can while screaming at the top of your lungs. When you run out of scream, you have to stop. Boo won twice and tied once. We are so proud. Not surprised, of course, but very, very proud.

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