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So, it was a pretty average day today. I worked longer than I was supposed to, but it is fun and they got me a real desk chair, so I’m pretty happy about that.

I then went to get the dog before coming back to pick up the kids. We then took the dog for a walk around the block. I let Boo hold the leash, because Jasper’s a pretty mellow guy. He’s also a sneaky dog. He loped along beside her until we reached the house where, four mornings ago, he found an ancient dried chicken bone. Four mornings ago – how does he remember that? That time, I spotted it just as he did and pulled him away before he could get ahold of it.

Today, by the time I figured out why he’d suddenly started pulling Boo along, he’d reached the bone still at the edge of their lawn. It was about 4″ long and he scarfed it right in. I grabbed him and he clamped his jaws shut. Here’s what people who have never owned dogs probably don’t know, and those who do wish they didn’t need to – dogs have gaps in their teeth, so even when they are clamping those jaws shut, you can get your finger in between the teeth and into their mouths. Through the gap on the left side, I shoved the chicken bone out the gap in the right. The moment it left his mouth, Jasper relaxed and just started back on his walk like nothing had ever happened.


Asher is in heaven over having a computer. He’s finding his written work much easier to get through and it actually, voluntarily, doing his homework. I was shocked speechless yesterday when he came home and, without any prompting, starting doing his spelling homework. Yay for assisted learning technology!



There, a nice normal post on a nice normal day. Nothing else going on in the world.


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