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I’ve been sulking because I couldn’t find my card reader and I had some great pictures on my camera. I couldn’t think of anything else to put on the blog but the pictures. Of course, now that I have the pictures downloaded, I can think of lots of other things to blog about.

I rejoined Weight watchers, for one. I want to be less fat for Maya’s bat mitzvah in April. And I just want to be less fat in general.

Asher’s digital camera broke and when we tried to have it fixed, they declared it not worth the trouble, which was what I suspected would happen. He wanted a new one, so I went online and found him the same make and similar model, but upgraded – more megs, longer zoom, etc. After tax and shipping, it cost him $122.02. Unbelievable. You can get a decent camera for an incredible price now. Anyway, he had $128.02 in his bank account, so he’s still up $6 and is a happy boy. We ordered it Wednesday and it arrived today. Which is why I can upload my pictures, to tell the truth, because I used th cord that came with his camera.

Here is Jasper, happy to be free.

I thought if anything would get that dopey dog to actually swim, it would be ducks. But he still wouldn’t go over his head. And the ducks knew it.

We saw a heron, too. I have other pictures closer up, but I like this because Jasper’s head is there. The heron left moments later. It wasn’t as trusting as the ducks.

Find the boy:

Feeding the ducks. The dog was initially outraged that the stale bagels were going to the ducks.

Maya, throwing fluffies.

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