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I have been writing posts from my laptop, which don’t have my photos on it, so they’ve been rather visually-boring. Here’s a little more interesting post (visually, anyway).

Here’s Boo learning to ride a 2-wheeler. At 5 years old, she is accomplishing this task a good year ahead of her siblings. She can add this to the reading earlier, swimming earlier and surfing the web earlier. The only thing I can think of that she did later was walking.


The snow has finally completely melted from my garden and suddenly there are tulips and crocuses. Last year, a dastardly bunny ate them all, but this year they seem to be surviving.


We had our Passover seder here this year – catered, thanks to some very generous people. I sat like a queen and did no work, which is certainly not normal for Passover. Wait – I did make my favourite dessert, which is extremely easy, and got the kids colouring eggs. We had lots of hard boiled eggs for the seder and they are just so boring, all sitting there whitely. Since there is nothing inherently Christian about making eggs pretty colours, I have the kids colour eggs for Passover.

Since we didn’t have enough at first, J went and bought more, so I boiled them in two batches, then coloured them in two batches also. I failed to take pictures this year, but this is what last year’s looked like:

All pretty. We passed them around at the seder and my brother, who has been known to be obnoxious at times, said to me, “Are they supposed to be raw?” Oh, ha ha.

He wasn’t kidding, though. I looked around him to the family friend sitting on his other side and saw her holding a dripping egg over her plate. I had somehow mixed up the cooked and the uncooked in the second batch and about a third of the pretty eggs were raw. Good thing she had a sense of humor. I blamed it on the coma. Every time I screw up or do something weird, I just say, “Coma brain.” I don’t know how long I can use that excuse, though.


Passover means my children are home all week. Today, my in-laws kindly took them to a museum, since Camp Mom is closed this year. The moment they walked in the door, they were so bored they were just going to die. Maya soothed herself with TV but Asher wasn’t into it, so I set him up with a cool but simple experiment. You take a cookie sheet and pour in enough milk to cover the bottom. Then you pour a few drops of different-coloured food colouring in each corner. Then arm the kid with the dishwashing liquid and have him pour a drop here and there and see what happens. It is way cool. It amused Asher and Boo long enough for me to write this, and take a picture. The camera refused to focus properly, but you get the idea.

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