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About a month ago, I joined what has clearly become a North American world-wide stampede towards metal water bottles. Unable to find anywhere in Ottawa that sold them, I went online. Being in Canada made it more of a challenge, but I managed to find a place to order the bottles. That place was Online Fitness. I am not linking to them, because it turns out they suck. Never buy anything there. Their customer service is non-existent.

I ordered a bunch of SIGG bottles with pretty pictures for the kids, then some solid-colored, non-SIGG bottles that were on sale for J and me, and as back-up for when the kids inevitably lost their good bottles.

Two things then happened. The company promptly sent the non-SIGG bottles, but not the SIGG ones, which their web site promised were available. And I went into a store and found a whole pile of SIGG bottles. Figures. They had all the designs we wanted, but I didn’t get them because I’d already ordered them online.

Half the order showed up and the kids now use them and haven’t even lost one. The SIGG ones did not. I emailed. I phoned. The phone message said to email, so I emailed¬†again. No one responded.

I’m not a rampant online shopper, but I’ve bought a fair number of things over the past couple of years – books, DVDs, various things on ebay, even colostomy supplies. And I’ve never had a problem. This is the first time, and I have to say, it is a Bad Thing. If they won’t answer their phone and won’t respond to email, you are just stuck with no recourse. At least when you walk into a store in real life, there’s a clerk who can’t ignore you forever.

I finally got so pissed off that I cancelled the rest of the non-appearing order and went off to buy the ones here. All the patterns the kids had chosen were gone. Of course. I bought different patterns. They will probably whine.


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