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A cuckoo in the nest

Someone just surfed onto my blog using the search string, “tiny whale.” I swear on all my chocolate I have never used the word ‘whale’ in my blog. Until now.


When Maya was 11 weeks old, a newspaper story came out of two sets of parents in the US who had discovered their sons had been switched in the hospital at birth. This boys were about 9 years old, and yet the parents switched them back. We were baffled. After only 11 weeks, we were so utterly besottled with this child that we could not imagine giving her to someone else, even if she turned out to not be ours biologically. Which is good, because yesterday we had this conversation:

Me: Look, I got this promotion card for 28 free song downloads and one audiobook. Cool, huh?

Maya: I want the songs.

Me: Okay, but I get the audiobook then.

Maya: Well, duh. It’s a book. Like I’d want that. (laughs, then assumes a false voice) No, no, give me the book! (laughs uproariously, even more so as I start to sob quietly in my chair.)

Wherever my real daughter is, I hope she’s with a proper, book-loving family. I’ll always love my reading-phobic Maya, even though it is completely clear that she was switched a birth with another kid.


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