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Yesterday, Maya was being very eldest child and amusing herself by manipulating her siblings. She had a loot bag with something pink and shiny inside, and told them that whoever did what she said would win it. She then proceeded to order them to tell her how marvelous, magnificent and superior she was.

Asher quickly decided it wasn’t worth it, but Boo hung in there until Maya grew bored with the game, and handed over the ‘prize’. Unsurprisingly, it turned out to be an old container of some yucky goo stuff. Also unsurprisingly, Boo cried.

Despite the fact that this is well within the ages-old tradition of elder siblings tormenting the younger, we live in a new age, and I ordered Maya to provide something better for a prize. Maya produced something equally unacceptable – a small bottle of shampoo.

As Boo wailed again, I told Maya that she had to find something acceptable to Boo, and she’d just keep going up to her room to look until she was successful.

Maya made a couple more tries, increasingly serious and all rejected. I had tuned out, but tuned back in about this point and noticed that Boo was yelling after her sister, “And make it good this time! I expect something really good. Nothing stupid counts! I’m sure you have something in there you can find that I will think is acceptable! You’ll just have to keep looking.” And on and on and on. She had Maya jumping through those hoops and she was loving it. It took mere minutes for Boo to go from opressed to opressor.

Maya finally satisfied her with a lollipop, by the way.


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