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So yesterday, I hauled out all the plastic stuff we have to get rid of it, or at least take it out of circulation. Then, in a moment of blogginess, I then put it all on the counter and took a picture. I uploaded the picture onto the computer, then told wordpress to upload it onto my blog. It did so. It is now sitting in my ‘gallery.’ However, when I agree with wordpress that I would like the ‘gallery’ placed in my post, it does this:


Ha ha – a blog program with a sense of humour. Actually, it only does that half the time. The other half of the time, it merely freezes. This is pissing me off. I finally got organized enough to take a photo to accompany my ramblings and the stupid blog program won’t cooperate! I’ve tried for 2 days.

So, picture this: a counter top full of plastic plates, bowls, cups and water bottles. Okay. Good. Who needs photos anyway?

The straw cups aren’t in the pile because the metal water bottles have yet to arrive. But I did discover that they are number 5s, which isn’t a bad plastic as far as leaching is concerned, so perhaps I’ll keep them as back-up. The old sippy cups were 7s, which are very bad, but I have two newer ones that are 5s. Interesting.

I don’t know what to with all this stuff, up there in that inspired photo. Throwing it out seems bad, but I can’t think of a use for it all. Any ideas?

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