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who is almost 13, at bedtime:

Me: Goodnight, honey. Sleep well.

Her: Goodnight. I love you.

Me: I love you too.

Her: And, stop being weird.

Me: Me?

Her: Yes.

Me: When was I weird?

Her: Like, all the time.

Alrighty then. I just added it to Monday’s to-do list: Finish video for open house at school, buy missing knitting needles, send pamphlet to printers, stop being weird all the time.


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That’s how old my eldest child is now. It’s kind of exciting. I feel a little like I did when she was one. She was still a baby, and yet I could see in her the precursers of the child she was becoming. This time, I see hints of the adult. She’s about to change in a huge way.

For a long time, I was terrified of Maya’s adolescence, partly because she’s always had hints of an obnoxious teenager in her. Since she was able to put a whole sentence together – and I am not exaggerating one bit – she has know the exact thing to say to piss me off the most. (Once, when she was three, I was on the phone with her pre-school teacher for the upcoming year, and I took longer than Maya liked. She wanted to tell me something and tell me it now. I ignored her, of course, as she nagged, “Mom, get off the phone. Mom, I want to tell you something. Mom, mom, mom …” Finally, her patience ran out and she yelled at top volume, “Mom! Get off the fucking phone!” It’s a good thing that teacher had a very good sense of humour.)

But I find I am no longer so nervous. She’s turning into such an interesting person, with a wicked sense of humour. I have no doubt she’ll continue to know exactly what to say to piss me off and I am afraid we will be butting heads during the next few years more than I’d like, but there’s nothing new in that. I’m coping, even if I am sadly unable to actually get better at coping.

She’s mature and kind and helpful and funny and I realize that I’m not afraid of the teenager she is becoming. Rather, I am looking forward to meeting that person, because I’m certain she’s going to be great.

Maya Dancing in the Kitchen, by Asher:

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