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So, the first week of Weight Watchers, I lost 4 lbs. Yay me. The second week, nothing. I asked the leader what was up, as I had kept carefully to the program and had walked at least an hour a day. She told me to crank up the water and protein. I obliged this week, but this morning I stood on the scale (weigh-in was yesterday) and it is clear that once again, I have lost absolutely nothing.

It’s enought to make a girl buy 3 large┬áhand-made truffles and eat them one after the other. Not that I did that, of course. I’m just speaking hypothetically, you understand.

At my doctor’s today, getting all kinds of fun prescriptions renewed, I told her of my dilemma and asked her what was up. I knew my thyroid tested find at the last blood test, but maybe something else was off, because this is a little weird. Sadly. she expressed surprise that I’d even managed to lose those initial four pounds. Apparently, one of my meds not only causes weight gain, it strongly resists any weight loss. Strongly.

The good news is that I am in the process of weaning myself off that one as well. The bad news is that the doctor thinks that our timeline should have me actually losing weight around mid-May. Until then, she said, I should consider just not gaining to be success. And I’m paying for this at Weight Watchers. Paying to just not get fatter. Those truffles are looking pretty good now, eh?

Next Monday, Maya gets her braces on. Next Tuesday, Asher will be seen by the tummy guy and likely be scheduled for a stomach biopsy. The fun never ends.

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In this episode: kid health, dog obedience and fat loss –

Maya is pretty much healed now, and stuffing everything not nailed down into her face to make up for those few days she could not eat properly. We now have an appointment at an orthodontist for the next step: braces. Ugh.

Asher doesn’t have an appointment with the tummy guy until March, but I’m rattling cages and trying to get it earlier. Meanwhile, he continues to eat normally and I continue to wince inwardly and resist the urge to web surf for answers I can only actually get from the doctor.

My mission to stop Jasper from becoming an annoying and humpy dog at the park is actually coming along very well. He still tries it when he first encounters one of his favourite dogs, but pretty much all I have to do is yell: “I’m watching you, so don’t even try it!” and he stops. If he starts in again, I leash him and that really calms him down.

Yesterday, I walked with another woman who has a doodle the same age, and the two of them acted like very badly behaved teenage boys. Every time they encountered a dog smaller or younger than them, they’d charge the poor thing. The other dog would sit on it and Jasper would yank ears and tails. Usually calling them off would do it, but once they ran ahead to a young Golden and were really knocking the poor thing around in their exuberance, and would not listen to orders to leave him. So I managed to get in front of Jasper and yelled, “Jasper, STOP!” at which he came to a screaming halt and lowered his head in that ashamed doggy way.

I find that lately he’s taken another cognitive leap with me and understands a great deal of what I want from him. For example, when we walk around the neighbourhood, I don’t leash him and there is one spot where we walk on the sidewalk on a busy road to cross at a certain spot for the park. He normally walks right behind me then, but a couple of times he’s jumped the gun and start to cross early. The first time, I was so surprised I said, “Hey! Get back here!” and to my amazement, he did. He does not understand the words “hey get back here” but he understood my intent. And while he will roam into the road on the side streets, when he sees a car coming, he now goes straight to the side and stays still until it passes (because I make him wait whenever a car goes past.)

See – the smartest dog ever.

As for Weight Watchers, so far so good. I lost 4.5 lbs the first week and I know I’m down a bit more so far this week. Thanks to all the dog walking, I get enough points that I don’t feel particularly deprived (so far). But I am aware that I am still in the weight loss honeymoon period and the difficult stuff is yet to come.

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As I have mentioned, I walk at least an hour most days, missing at most one day a week. I don’t stroll, I march along. I’ve been doing this for months. Yay me.

I’ve lost no weight (I’m not even mentioning the FMS). I figured that since I ramped up the output, even if my input included chocolate and coke, I should still lose something, right? Right, but it didn’t happen.

I managed to cut down on the junk (didn’t get rid of it completely, but a significant reduction). After two weeks of being good, I am at my all-time high.

I’m pissed off. It is illogical and unfair. I feel like I’m fighting with my body, although I am sure this is probably a bad state of mind. I’m not giving in, though. The next step, Weight Watchers. I’m joining on Wednesday morning.

My doctor suggests I actually attend the meetings, which I have always skipped, thanks to my low boredom threshold. She thinks it’ll provide support and accountability. We’ll see.

At the very least, I’ll be accountable to y’all.

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