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Okay, well, about that passing on of the award, it’s like this – what I wanted to do was go beyond the usual suspects who I always say are mavelous. I need to branch out my blogging a bit. This seemed like a good excuse to do so. But, shockingly, I actually got work – writing and editing people want to pay me to do. So it’s suddenly a bad time to go wandering through the blogverse. Especially as this is the only week for the rest of the summer that I actually have all three children amused elsewhere.

Boo is loving her swim camp. That kid is a marvel to me. She happily went off to a camp when she knew no one else and then just made a friend. She just picked one girl and asked if they could be friends. My older two could never manage such a thing when they were little and, in truth, neither could I.

The older two appear to be having fun at camp. J phoned the camp after two days to see how Asher was doing, which was something I’d have never done. I am happier figuring that if I don’t hear anything, all is well. And mine is the wiser way, because the head of camp said he was doing pretty well during the day but was very weepy in the evenings and hadn’t seemed to have quite found his way yet. But he phoned back Sunday to say that Asher had definitely made some friends and is now doing great. I could have definitely done without those couple of days imagining that he’d be miserable for 12 days and never again voluntarily leave home.

Maya is doing great, but then I knew that.

And now, it is back to work!

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