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I am trying to write a real post, but life – the life in which I must get all my shit together before going under the knife on friday morning, keeps internening.

But I also been knitting and am now working on a lovely shawl using lovely urguay stuff with lots of pretty colours. It pushes aside the angora thing and the warm mitts I must have and even knit one pair and found a tiny flaw that bother me enough start ripping, but my MIL went insane over that and took them from me. The next pair were intented for her anyway.

As I prepare to leave my disorganized house once again for a hospital stay, I need a public declaration: the yarn insn’t a sign of a hoarding complex. Apparently, will I was Napping, well-intentioned people came into my house and saw that I’d forgotten three visits in row to Costco that we already had SOS pads, so now we have MANY in the storage room. And then they looked in a few other closets and found much, much, much yarn, several half on their way to … something. They decided I suffer from an actual clinic illness called hoarding, which normally brings to mind old ladies with 58 years of the newspaper stacked in the kitchen. But hey, different definitions, I guess.

If you can’t or won’t believe me, go ask the Yarn Harlot, who has written extensively on the phenomenon and actually is published. It’s a knitter thing, not an OCD things.

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